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Automatic hand disinfector (1500 ml), Model RF-6000



External dimensions

 230*150*375 mm

Operating Voltage

AC220V-240V ±10%,


 1500 ml

Rated power

 Inactive status, no consumption, no diffusion <20w

Outside temperature


Level indicator (on the lateral side)


 Total load:

1500±10 ml



 При нехватке:100±15 млl

Safety class


Distance to infrared sensor

 8-12 cm

Net weight


One-time supply adjustment (back side)

  1-10 ml

Installation method

 Fixed to the wall vertically

  1. One-time supply adjustment of disinfectant (1-10 ml)
  2. Quick hand disinfection, user-friendly, stability, safety
  3. Infrared sensor excludes direct contact;
  4. Interference recognition system excludes irrelevant actions;
  5. Detachable disinfector container enables easy cleaning and high temperature sterilization;
  6. Compliance with the requirements of GMP, HACCP, QS. Certified according to CE (Europe), FCC (USA).
  7. Used for disinfection in different hospitals, enterprises, pharmaceutical plants. Product and medicine safety guaranteed.