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Our Mission and Values

We focus on enhancing cutting edge technologies worldwide by ensuring technology interchange between pharmaceutical manufacturers

We contribute to improving pharma industry in dynamically developing countries by making medication affordable.

L Leadership in

Leadership in Efficiency

We aim to extend our product portfolio by implementing effective managerial tools to develop our business and partnership. Long Sheng Pharma attributes its success to introducing best practice into customer service areas thus building a strong client network.

S Supremacy
of Quality

Supremacy of Quality

We create innovative business approach by combining our expertise and quality management in pharmaceutical industry. Our product and equipment solutions correspond to GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice).

of Trust and

Predominance of Trust and Support

We are eager to respond to our customers’ and partners’ potential needs on demand. Our authentic and truly involved business approach, well-balanced product and service portfolio, flexibility and efficiency are among our strategic pillars. Long Sheng Pharma ensures total compliance with corporate social responsibility principles (CSR) which propel us to annual initiatives in young talent acquisition and endorsement for biotechnology, bioengineering and pharmaceutical professional areas.

Our team - dozens of highly qualified pharmacists, doctors, engineers, customer service specialists


years of success
in pharmaceutical industry


business partners operating
in more than 40 countries

Our divisional offices
in Hong Kong, Beijing and Moscow

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