API, FDF, pharmaceutical equipment and packaging

Pharmtech&Ingredients – the leading pharmaceutical event of Russia.

 «Pharmtech&Ingredients» is the largest international exhibition in Russia and EEU countries presenting equipment, raw materials and technologies for manufacturing pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, blood products and cosmetics.

Long Sheng Pharma Ltd. presented new variants of pharmaceutical substations, equipment for prepacking and packaging of pharmaceuticals, services for certification and registration of pharmacological products.

Pharmtech & Ingredients takes place every year with support from industry ministries and associations.
«Pharmtech&Ingredients 2018» – 20th anniversary annual key meeting place for negotiations exhibitors.
«Pharmtech&Ingredients 2018» once again confirmed its importance as one of the best platforms for:

  • negotiating with existing customers and meeting potential customers and partners;
  • access to new markets and regions;
  • familiarity with new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.