API, FDF, pharmaceutical equipment and packaging

Caps: (coloured, colourless) for vials packing

Types of caps:

  • Aluminum type
  • Flip – off type (aluminum + plastic)

Aluminum caps are of 2 types: pull-off and petal pusher caps. The caps are easy to open and utilize.

Aluminum caps are not likely to deform while being sterilized (1 h., 180℃).

Flip-off type (aluminum + plastic) are manufactured with central port.

  • Withstand 120℃ during 30 min. And high-temperature sterilization;
  • Plastic parts can be sterilized by steam at 130℃ without deformation or color change.

There is a possibility of producing colored caps: color aluminum and/or plastic part.

The caps are produced according to YBB and ISO standards, as well as individual orders in the according to the customer drawing.

The main diameters of the produced Caps: 13mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm and 34mm